We have to stop taking offense at the drop of a feather.

Here’s the key paragraph in this Epoch Times article about a California teacher who’s been put on leave after wearing a paper headdress and dancing in a (let’s say) indigenous fashion to drive home a math lesson:

“It is damaging and disheartening to see Native American and indigenous culture represented in such a trite and insensitive way. However, this is not an isolated incident, as such teaching practices, even in math classes, have been used across the nation. It is time that we stop this behavior.”

That’s from a statement by state legislators, and it’s an incredible cultural artifact in that its factual assertion can be read in two ways.  To the woke, the common nature of such lessons is proof of the mountain of work they have to change the world in their own image.  To sane people, it’s an illustration that this is very common and has for years been widely regarded as unobjectionable.

We have to get back to that sense of ourselves as a single community with many cultural influences that we can share, in seriousness and fun, without giving offense.

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