Maybe a reminder is necessary on “Latinx.”

Enforced use of the term, “Latinx,” is exactly the cultural imperialism that progressives claim to oppose.  As usual, they only actually oppose the forced spread of ideas that don’t jibe with their own beliefs.  Just look at how Marisa Penaloza writes about a Pew Research Center survey finding “only 3% [of Latinos] say they use the term.”  I’ve emphasized the key words in the following:

  • “Latinx Is A Term Many Still Can’t Embrace”
  • “Latinx has not caught on.
  • “only 23% of Hispanic adults have heard of the term Latinx.”
  • “Some argue that Latinx is not Spanish enough, but Vazquez says they need to remember that ‘Spanish…is the original language of colonization.'”

The condescending attitude is that change is inevitable, and resistance is retrograde.  When it’s useful to claim, progressives insist that “our Black and Brown brothers and sisters” have “beautiful cultures.”  When those cultures disagree, the script instantly flips to a reminder that brown people were colonizers, too.

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