The Rhode Island Saga

Rhode Island map, featuring neighboring states.

Does Providence Owe Narragansett $16.7K or Does Narragansett Owe Providence $1.1M?

By Carroll Andrew Morse | August 1, 2023 |

Do we have a test case, for bringing this session’s Supreme Court’s ruling in Tyler v. Hennepin County to Rhode Island? In Tyler v. Hennepin County, in a refreshingly short 9-0 opinion, the Court ruled that when local governments seize property over unpaid taxes, they are only entitled to keep what was owed. So after…

A Nordic warrior in the marketplace

The heroes’ customers are voters with no incentive.

By Justin Katz | November 11, 2022 |

Looking around the Marketplace, the heroes of the Rhode Island Saga size up their position with a key market force: their voters.

A dark, empty Medieval marketplace

Shadows cover the Rhode Island political marketplace.

By Justin Katz | September 26, 2022 |

The Rhode Island Saga, Post 4 Watching their comfortable surroundings erode and darken, the heroes of the Rhode Island Saga head out in search of answers and to see whether they can do something with their unique, but undefined, gifts to turn the trends around.  To them, restoring the balance of cooperation and individual liberty…

A blue eye and a green eye

Heroes have something new and different to offer.

By Justin Katz | September 9, 2022 |

The core difference of an alternative view for Rhode Island governance involves a different vision for what it means to balance cooperation and individual liberty.

A cartoon cottage

The Rhode Island Saga needs a hero.

By Justin Katz | September 2, 2022 |

The Rhode Island Saga, Post 2 When people begin thinking in a deliberate way about how to turn their ideas, capital, and effort into businesses (which they sometimes get around to years after they’ve started operations), I put the process in terms of a story. The hero of the story is, obviously, the person or…

A floor chart spanning the floor and walls

A (Small) Change in Emphasis: Moving from Observe to Orient in the OODA.

By Justin Katz | September 1, 2022 |

The Rhode Island Saga, Post 1 Somehow, I’d naively believed that my ridiculously busy summer would cool as the children returned to school and I overcame a few large projects.  New content from me on Anchor Rising has certainly been lacking, and I apologize for that, but more has simply not been possible. To recap:…