Fake politician wearing a smiling character's mask and hiding is real identity

Politics This Week: Fraudulent Faces in RI Government

By Justin Katz | May 6, 2023 |

John DePetro and Justin Katz discuss the costliness of Rhode Island government’s decisions.

By Standard of AGW Scientists, Futile for the United States to Abate Its Modest Greenhouse Gases

By Monique Chartier | August 29, 2022 |

Did you know that the United States generates only 12.67% of human-made greenhouse gases (GHG), with the balance generated by all other countries? I sure didn’t, until I went looking for the figure. That’s not much talked about in the media, nor is the fact that at 94%, naturally generated greenhouse gases dwarf human’s contribution…

Chess versus checkers

Politics This Week with John DePetro: A Contrast in Leadership

By Justin Katz | February 21, 2022 |

John DePetro and Justin Katz notice a stark contrast in the ways RI leaders are handling important issues.

Light traffic on an RI highway

Traffic deaths were up by a lot, last year, despite lockdowns.

By Justin Katz | June 5, 2021 |

The Associated Press reports the counterintuitive numbers: An estimated 38,680 people died in traffic crashes last year, the most of any year since 2007, the agency said in releasing preliminary numbers. Final numbers normally come out in the fall. The increase came even though the number of miles traveled by vehicle fell 13% from 2019.…

Rep. Brian Newberry Lobs a Bomb at Doherty Camp

By Patrick Laverty | September 27, 2011 |

Andrew mentioned this in his post yesterday about a Facebook “Reflection” from House Minority Leader Brian Newberry. Newberry is calling for Doherty to either drop out of the Congressional District 1 race completely, or change direction and run in Congressional District 2 against James Langevin. I will admit that when I first heard the news…

Clearing the Bin (Lunch Time Reading)

By Marc Comtois | September 17, 2010 |

Busy. C’est la vie. I’ve been collecting articles that I found interesting and worthy of some kind of commentary, but I just don’t see getting to them any time soon. So, instead of letting them go to waste, here you go (some of them may have been touched on by others). A book review of…

How To Achieve the Eighth Highest Pay in the Country … And Where the Method May End

By Monique Chartier | January 10, 2009 |

Increases in teacher compensation in Rhode Island have been achieved on “They got it, so we should” reasoning. The gains in one city or town’s contract are referenced in subsequent negotiations in other municipalities. I had always thought that this was done informally, however, until I saw Item #3 of the Tentative Agreement, first page…

Block Island Ferry Collides with Coast Guard Vessel

By Marc Comtois | July 2, 2008 |

A local contact has informed me that the Block Island Ferry has collided with a Coast Guard vessel. I don’t want to sound any alarms because I’m not sure of the severity of damage or of any injuries. Apparently, the fog banks are rolling pretty heavy out there today. Bottom Line: : NO INJURIES, MINIMAL…

The Killer’s Livelihood

By Justin Katz | May 21, 2008 |

It may be an insignificant detail in the context of the suburban birthday party shooting, but this bit of information about the alleged killer relates to a major topic of conversation on any given Anchor Rising day: Nicholas Gianquitti became a Providence police officer in July 1991. He lasted just six months. On Jan. 27,…

Interview: Secretary of State Candidate, Sue Stenhouse

By Don Roach | September 18, 2006 |

Recently, Anchor Rising had the opportunity to ask Republican Secretary of State Candidate, Sue Stenhouse, about her run for statewide office. AR: What do you believe is the most glaring problem currently within the Secretary of State’s office? SS: First and foremost, this Office has been lacking a dedicated leader for four years. Without a…