We can pay attention now or find out how many bodies it takes to break a narrative.

A funny thing happens when the warnings and predictions of non-progressives begin to prove true:  the progressive activists who call themselves “journalists” and carefully curate the news for the rest of us find other things to talk about.  Twitter, now that it is increasingly deprogramming its formerly brainwashed algorithm, is full of stories that would utterly change the way Americans think about what’s going on in the world if they were reported without the left-wing spin.

Starting local, we’ve got Barrington teachers’ winning their lawsuit after having been fired for declining to receive the COVID vaccine.  Whether vaccines were desirable at the time is a distinct question, but the law-breaking mania that led progressives in government to think they could do whatever they wanted to battle the virus was clearly a mistake.

That same mania led to changes in election procedures — coincidentally right before a presidential election that progressive Democrats were promoting as a fight to save the universe.  (Yeah, no motive for fraud there!)  By themselves, those last-minute changes arguably made the results illegitimate, and yet, the datapoints that things weren’t quite right in the execution of the election flowed all the way down to good, old-fashioned fraud.  Tucker Carlson reported (while still on Fox News) on double-counting in a county in Georgia, for instance.  Obviously, this isn’t a recent story, but it feels like it is because it never received the coverage it should have.  Carlson’s question at the end has only become more relevant:

All of the ballots, the whistleblower tells us, had been filled out by a printer. Not by hand. And many of them supported the exact same candidates, democrats, including Joe Biden… Why are we okay with any of this? We’re okay with it because we’ve been told we have to be okay with it. We’re undermining democracy if we ask questions about what happened during the 2020 election, and of course, that’s a perfect inversion of the truth.

Switching from “inversion” to “invasion,” Ted Cruz takes down a reporter who’s parroting Democrat talking points on immigration, with the conclusion that the chaos at our border is happening because the Biden administration and the Democrat Party wanted it to happen.  This is a policy decision.  It’s messy now and can’t help but flash through the veil a little, but the media will attempt to paper it over, and then when the consequences emerge, they’ll promote other causes to explain them.  Those “causes” will almost certainly involve accusations of racism and blaming Americans for being bad people.

Refocusing local, albeit in another state, we see how the spin works with a national story about a school board in Colorado.  Here’s the tweet text from NBC News:

Conservatives took over a Colorado school board, and then:

• Adopted a right-wing group’s social studies program

• Did not reapply for grants to pay counselors

• 40% of the high school’s professional staff won’t return next year

A slight step toward objectivity would raise many questions.  Why did the local voters elect these people?  Was the earlier social studies program “left-wing”?  Were the grants for counselors leading to a benefit residents wanted, or was it allowing outside interests to manipulate children?  What roles , and how many, are the “professional staff,” and is it good, bad, or indifferent that these particular people are leaving?  Obviously, residents wanted change, but when NBC News is expressing it wish it wants to fulfill when it reports “growing opposition.”  That’s how activist journalists manipulate people.

And then there’s the one-two punch of the Biden crime family receiving millions from China and not-really-surprising revelations about the Russia-collusion hoax perpetrated by Democrats and the country’s intelligence apparatus.

I’m not claiming that I can see perfectly through the fog, because more than one machine is generating it.  But one possible reality is that we currently have a president whose family has received a fortune in payments from a geopolitical adversary, who was put into office through a multifaceted coup, and who has deliberately instigated an invasion to change the population for political benefit, after having leveraged a pandemic to undermine our constitutional order and take control of the government, with the help of high- and low-level fraud, while activists and the mainstream media press relentlessly for a radical social revolution and work to undermine democratic opposition.

That long sentence sounds extreme, but it’s entirely plausible, and here’s the important part:  the craziness of reality will only worsen to the point of mass suffering and death if we lack the information and wherewithal to push back and enforce accountability.


Featured image by Tengyart on Unsplash.

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