Watch the progressive mainstream media pile on Morgan for the narrative in real time.

Republican state representative from West Warwick Patricia Morgan has gone viral with the following tweet:

I had a black friend. I liked her and I think she liked me, too. But now she is hostile and unpleasant. I am sure I didn’t do anything to her, except be white. Is that what teachers and our political leaders really want for our society? Divide us because of our skin color? #CRT

In a mature and sane society, this might be an open door for heartfelt discussion (which people would pass by if they weren’t going to take it in that spirit), but we don’t live in a mature and sane society.  Instead, Morgan’s lament attracted satire from an original Star Trek crew member.

After all, she provided an opportunity for mainstream progressives to feel superior while advancing their preferred narrative.  Naturally, the Boston Globe has dressed that effort up as a straight news report (just reporting the reactions, donchaknow).

Black Lives Matter RI PAC wants Morgan removed from committees to prove racism “can no longer be tolerated.” The Globe gives other politicians the field to insult and condemn Morgan, and House Speaker Joseph Shekarchi “issued a statement, saying, ‘There is no place for divisive remarks by any House member.'”

That’s interesting.  Very interesting.

What gives the whole disgusting game away, however, is when Boston Globe journalists Brian Amaral and Edward Fitzpatrick give the floor to far-left state Senator Tiara Mack:

Senator Tiara Mack, a Black Providence Democrat, said, “I don’t think Morgan is respected nor a thought leader. I think tweets like these are sensational for her base but not grounded in reality. I also wonder if her ‘Black Friend’ would consider her association with Morgan a friendship.”

Honestly, the first thing that came to my mind upon seeing the mainstream machine revving up on social media was this Tweet from Senator Mack back in November:

My standards for white people was always high AND it just got higher. If you aren’t actively confronting how you uphold white supremacist systems I don’t have time for you.

As I suggested at the same time, this is straight-up racism.  The bottom line is that anybody reacting to Morgan’s tweet who didn’t respond to Mack’s is a fraud.  Maybe they’re deceiving themselves, but they’re still frauds.

It’d be nice to live in a world where we could put the two tweets next to each other on the table and discuss what, together, they say about our current society, but people are making lots of money and getting lots of self-affirmation by preventing that world from existing.


Featured image by Clay Banks on Unsplash.

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