Political Thought

The Declaration Of Independence & What It Means To Be An American Citizen

By | May 3, 2006 |

To lessen the lack of clarity in the immigration debate about what it means to be an American citizen, let’s go back to the first principles of the American Founding. The Claremont Institute has developed a web-based overview of the Declaration of Independence which includes these sub-sections: A Guide to the Declaration of Independence Issues…

Hayek: Helping Us Clarify How A Society Works

By Donald B. Hawthorne | March 25, 2006 |

We frequently hear phrases like “the government should do something about that.” Do any of us really know what that phrase truly means? Moreover, do any of us really think the government is capable of doing something constructive about the numerous challenges across a society? (If so, why do most government programs fail to meet…

The Role of Government In Our Society, Revisited

By | March 5, 2006 | Comments Off on The Role of Government In Our Society, Revisited

Cafe Hayek has a very good posting entitled Government Ain’t Us, which says: The idea is prevalent that little or nothing beneficial happens for people generally unless it is done by government. Things people do individually — for their own purposes, using their own gumption, own wits, and own resources, neither incited by nor directed…

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